Sinitorppa Stables

Sinitorppa Stables is an old Crown¡¯s croft style farm house in Venejärvi, Kolari, western Lapland. Sinitorppa literally means Blue Croft House. The stables is surrounded by hills and trekking paths by which riders can stroll through the spectacular nature of western Lapland. Autumn is the most colorful season in Lapland, the special color spectrum is called Ruska in Finnish. When winter comes, there is no sun for few months, here comes the bluish gloom called Kaamos. You will definitely have memorable horse riding trips on the surrounding hills while being able to enjoy the stunning Lappish nature on horse¡¯s back. You are warmly welcome to enjoy genuine Lappish nature through riding genuine Finnish horses at Sinitorppa Stables.

Sinitorppa Stables is located in the peaceful countryside of Venejärvi. Only a half-an-hour drive from Kolari¡¯s railway station, 1.5 hour from Kittil䡯s airport and about two hours from Rovaniemi.


We organize various horse-related courses and activities, including riding lessons, summer camps, leisure trekkings.

Riding lessons

Guided riding lessons will be held on the well-maintained outdoor riding field. You can reserve a private lesson or participate in a group of maximally 5 persons.

Riding camps

This can be reserved beforehand, the camp lasts 3-7 days, two hours¡¯ riding lesson per day during the camp and the accommodation are included.

Horse trekking

The riding routes are located on the surrounding hills, you can have a closer touch with the Lapland nature through the horse riding. For 1-4 persons.

We also offer sleigh rides in winter.

Riding camps can be organized in summer holidays and any other holiday seasons all year round. The camp is popular among children and parents. You can leave your children to the good care of the stable and travel without worries, or you can spend some quality time here together with your children. It is also popular among adults, just enjoy the leisure time with your friends by riding horses together.

Our horses

There are in total seven horses in our stables. Six of them are finnhorses, they are Jinka, Veera, Pasuri, Alma, Cumu and Liina, while Razliv is a Russian budjonny. All of our horses are well-behaving and friendly.

More photos of our horses and the stables.

Contact us

Mr Jouko Vaattovaara
Phone: +358 40 538 7147
Address: Vaattojärventie 173c, 95840 Venejärvenkylä

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